Vision and Values

Vision and Values

Brougham Primary School Vision and Values

Brougham Primary School is committed to ensuring that children acquire the essential educational and social skills to prepare them for the next stage of their development.

To secure this vision for every pupil, we uphold the following:

  • Provide the full educational entitlement which meets the individual needs of every child
  • Provide quality learning experiences and activities which are differentiated to cater for individual needs
  • Give high priority to literacy, numeracy and oracy
  • Encourage and develop greater parental involvement and support
  • Celebrate success and achievement to promote positive self-esteem and aspirations
  • Have high expectations of children’s achievements and behaviour
  • Involve each child in active participation in the planning and assessment of his/her work
  • Develop an environment in school which promotes a sense of community and belonging and where children can exercise personal and social skills of independence, team work, self-awareness, self-respect and respect for others

As part of Ad Astra Trust, we work collaboratively to ensure the best outcomes for all of our children. We fully embrace the Trust’s core values; Support, Togetherness, Achieve, Respect and Success.